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• NAS Format Enterprise Server

• Includes Open-E DSS V6 SN Unlimited

• Intel® Xeon E3v3 Processor

• Up to 32GB DDR3 ECC memory

• 3 or 4 PCIe expansion slots

• Single or Redundant PSUs

• Low noise, designed for the office

• Full 3 Year warranty as standard

Ready to go, compact Business Storage Server powered by Open-E DSS V6 (Single node) with an unlimited storage license.

Available from mid December.
Read the award winning review at by cliking on the Hexusperformance ICON on the right.

Choose between HJB (Software RAID) or RCB (Hardware RAID) options:
/HJB = LSI 2308 PCIe Gen3 HBA adapter
/RCB = LSI 2208 PCIe Gen2 RAID adapter with Maintaince free Battey Unit

The choose between 2 processor options, Low and Standard power:
For archive and backup /LV3 is recommended
For high performance with 10Gbit ethernet and iSCSI /SV3 is recommeded
/LV3 = Intel® Xeon® E3-1230Lv3 (1.8-2.8GHz Quad-Core HT, 25Watts)
/SV3 = Intel® Xeon® E3-1230v3 (3.3-3.7GHz Quad-Core HT, 80Watts)

Choose between 4 memory options:
Note: For optimal performance in non-archive/backup configurations, Open-e recommends 1GB of memory for each 1TB of storage.
/8G = 2x 4GB DDR3-1600 ECC
/16G = 2x 8GB DDR3-1600 ECC
for 24GB or 32GB add 16GB memory upgrade kit to /8G or /16G model

The BrontaStor 822R-E4 provides all the performance and features of an enterprise rack mount server, except we've removed the rack cabinet requirement and killed the noise. Now you can have an enterprise server in an elegant NAS format that can be used in the office, school or studio.
Unlike a typical business NAS, the BrontaStor is built using Intel enterprise server technology throughout, features LSI HBA or hardware RAID, IPMI and single or dual redundant hot-swap PSUs.

Powered by a Gen4 Intel® Xeon® E3v3 processor, the BrontaStor 822R-E4 is powerful enough to support many users and complex storage configurations. Supporting up to 32GB ECC 1600MHz memory, 4 low-profile expansion PCI express slots and 12 drive bays, the BrontaStor is priced competitively with business NAS products, yet offers significantly more flexibility, features and value for money.

A 3yr warranty comes as standard

NOTE: The LCD display is only included on /LCD models

Intel® Xeon™ E3-1230v3 OR Lv3 processor INCLUDED £1,979.00 £2,374.80

Last Updated Wednesday, November 15, 2017


BrontaStor® 822R-E4/HJB/1P/LV3/8G/SNU Open-e Server (NO DISKS/1x PSU)

  • Features: Intel Xeon E3v3 (Haswell) Server motherboard
  • Hot-Swap Bays: 8x 3.5/2.5in for main array, 2x 3.5/2.5in, 2x 2.5in SSD
  • Single whisper quiet 460Watt Gold efficiency PSU, dual redundant option
  • IPMI 2.0 remote server management. Optional IP KVM/dedicated 3rd LAN
  • 3 x Available Low-Profile PCIe expansion Slots, Dual Intel Gigabit Lan
  • Processor Installed: Intel Xeon E3-1230LV3 4-Core/8-thread
  • Processor Clock: 1.8GHz - 2.8GHz (Max. Turbo), 25Watts Max. TDP
  • Memory Installed: 8GB (2x 4GB DDR3L-1600 ECC) Kingston Server Premierr
  • HBA/RAID Controller Installed: Intel LSI 2308 PCIe3 8-port HBA module
  • SERVER O/S: Open-e DSS V6 Single Node Unlimited on 8GB industrial SSD
  • SERVER O/S: Includes UNLIMITED storage capacity license
  • SERVER O/S: Open-e support and maintenance can be purchased separately
  • Chassis Construction:
  • High quality, strong Japanese steel chassis with 5mm brushed aluminium facia
  • Metallic black paint cover. Built in transit handles
  • Cooling:
  • Motherboard sits on upper mezzanine floor, drives sit below
  • 4x 6cm PWM fans for mezzanine cooling (2x 20mm, 2x 15mm)
  • 2x 12cm PWM drive bay cooling fans via chassis Cooling Management controller
  • Drive configuration:
  • RAID Bays R1-R8:Connected to HBA module via 2xSFF8087, SAS/SATA 6Gb/s
  • SSD bays S1-S2: Connected to motherboard SATA 6Gb/s ports 1,2
  • Option Bays B1-B2: Connected to motherboard SATA 6Gb/s ports 3,4
  • Server Motherboard features:
  • Supports Single Intel Xeon E3V3 LGA1150 processor up to 95Watts TDP
  • Intel C226 Chipset. Up to 32GB DDR3-1600 ECC memory in 4xDIMM slots
  • Free memory DIMM slots:2
  • 4x PCI Express slots (LEFT-to-RIGHT):
  • PCIe2 x4 in x8 slot,-not available-,PCIe3 x8 in x16 slot,PCIe2 x1 in x8 slot
  • SAS Raid Module connected to processor via PCIe3 x8 (8GB/sec)
  • Dual Intel Gigabit LAN: Intel 210 controllers
  • IPMI 2.0 via Emulex Pilot III Ibmc controller.
  • Optional KVM over IP module (RMM4 Lite)
  • Optional KVM over IP with dedicated 3rd BMC LAN (RMM4)
  • 6x SATA (4x6Gb,2x3Gb Intel Embedded RAID Support/RST (S/W RAID 0,1,10,5)
  • SATA ports 5,6 (3Gps can be used for SATA DOM)
  • Motherboard internal IO headers: 2xUSB2.0,2xUSB3,Eusb SSD,USB TypeA,TPM
  • Rear I/O: 2xLAN, 2x USB3.0,2x USB2.0,VGA,9pin serial
  • Front panel I/O: 1xUSB 2.0 (default), optional USB 3.0
  • Warranty: 3 years limited standard RTB warranty