Performance PCs

Gravistar Rapier 1000

  • Corsair T5000D Airflow chassis
  • AMD Ryzen 5000 Zen3 processor with up to 16 cores
  • ASUS ROG Strix motherboard
  • DDR4-3600 OC Memory as standard
  • 2.5g + WiFi 6E networking
  • Choice of 360 AIO CPU coolers


Armari has been building gaming PCs for over 27 years, since the first 3D accelerators entered the market in the early 1990s
When hires staff for some areas of business we look for PC ethusiasts, youtubers and twitch stremers due to their interest and knowledge in PC technology and gaming hardware. So when we build gaming PCs for sale there is a lot of input to make sure we get the specs just right.
Spec that our guys would buy.
We did an internal pole and 25% of our stuff are running late generation Ryzen gaming rigs with either RTX 3090s or 3080 GPUs.

In this base configuration we are targetting a primary 1440p 144Hz gaming display, which will mean some downgrade options won’t be available

Technology Partners

  • ASUS ROG logo
  • Nvidia RTX
Core Components
All core components are configurable, if you wish to adapt this system to your own specification click here

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7-4.8GHz/12c AM4 Processor
Extra Peripherals
All core components are configurable, if you wish to adapt this system to your own specification click here

Gravistar Rapier 1000

£1,936.00 excl vat


Core Components
Performance PC Case

ASUS ROG Strix Motherboard

Power Supply

360 AIO Cooler

Case fan kits in sets of 4

Essential Peripherals
Graphics card (GPU)

First M.2 drive on Motherboard

2nd M.2 drive on Motherboard

2.5in SSD bay 1

2.5in SSD bay 2

3.5in Drive bay

3.5in Drive bay

USB PCI Express add in cards

Operating Systems (Price includes installation and support)



Extra Peripherals
Gaming keyboards

Gaming Mice

Gaming monitors 1440p WQHD

Gaming monitors 2160p UHD

web cameras


Gaming headsets
Additional Notes
Do you have specific requirements as to how you would like your system(s) configured, such as installing adapters cards in specific slots, or how you would your storage drives configured?
Your Configuration:


excl vat
Your Configuration:


excl vat