Magnetar M Series

Magnetar® M16R5-AD1300G3

Powered by AMD Ryzen 5000, liquid cooled

    • M60-Series workstation
    • AMD Ryzen 5000 processor
    • This config will support up to 2 Graphics cards
    • Top of the line Asus X570 ROG motherboard
    • Outstanding stability with max. memory
    • Up to 128GB of 2-channel Enthusiast OC Memory
    • 2.5Gb + 1Gb LAN, WiFi 6
    • 2x PCIe4 expansion slots
    • 3x M.2 Slots
    • 4x Easy-swap drive bays


Base System
Core Components
System Top Panel I/O
System Network ports (rear)
System Audio ports (rear)
Chassis options
Essential Peripherals
Primary Graphics card (GPU)

Second Graphics card (GPU)

Pro Graphics GPU Bridges

Pro Graphics Sync adapters

First PCI Express 4.0 m.2 drive on Motherboard

Second PCI Express 4.0 m.2 drive on Motherboard

1st Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

2nd Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

3rd Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

4th Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

Trimode and SATA/SAS RAID Controllers

Operating Systems


Extra Peripherals
Keyboard and Mouse Combos



Extra Network adapters

Black Magic AV

Web cameras


VR Headsets

Additional Notes

Do you have specific requirements as to how you would like your system(s) configured, such as installing adapters cards in specific slots, or how you would your storage drives configured?

Your Configuration:


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Your Configuration:


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