background colour 1
R21 G21 B21
background colour 2
R29 G29 B29
background colour 3
R17 G54 B64
background colour 4
R17 G54 B64
highlightcolour 1
R0 G185 B235
highlight grad
R0 G185 B235to R88 G54 B186
#00b9eb to#5836ba
Angle: 105-125º
highlightcolour 2
R88 G54 B186

fonts and sizes

H1 Page Title/slider text 64pt Ubuntu 400 Regular Lineheight 72pt

H2 Text block title 24pt Ubuntu 500 medium or 600 bold Lineheight 28pt

H3 Sub-title text 20pt Ubuntu 400 regular Lineheight 24pt

H4 Intro text 16pt Lato 300 light or 400 regular Lineheight 20pt

H5 Slider body text 32pt Ubuntu 300 light Lineheight 36pt
H6 button text 14pt Ubuntu 400 regular – Also used in the navigation both the 300 and 400 version. Lineheight 18pt

Body text Lato 300 light or 400 regular lineheight 18pt

Body text link Lato 500 bold #00b9eb lineheight 18pt

Button and text link styles and states

Page furniture

footer links