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Armari, our early history

We started out building custom gaming and game development PCs back in 1994. As the focus has always been on using the best high-end components, we quickly got into building workstations. The first workstations featured Intel’s Plato motherboard and a single core Pentium 90MHz CPU. The demand for our professionally built workstations for games development and 3D professionals began to outpace the gaming machines in the early 2000’s. The year 2000 is also when we entered the HPC market, building Linux clusters consisting of hundreds of servers, 3 of these systems entered the TOP500 fastest machines in the world. In 2012 we designed our first fully bespoke Dual Xeon workstation, the X100, and in 2013 we started our OEM business, designing appliance servers for customers under their own brand.

Our many years experience of building review topping, high end workstations has only gone from strength to strength. In 2020 during the height of the pandemic, our inhouse designed flagship Magnetar X64T FWL workstation broke the world workstation performance record, smashing the previous SpecWorkstation™ 3 benchmark results, thanks to its Armari custom cooled and tuned 64-core AMD Threadripper processor running all-cores up to 4.1GHz sustained, making it the fastest production workstation on the market for 3D Content creators.

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Armari Mission statement, what we do

We are a specialist manufacturer and integrator of high-performance computer systems and solutions. Our Workstations and PCs have been winning top awards in the UK press since 1994, showing consistent quality, performance, and leadership in delivering the latest technology.
Our technical experience allows us to provide a broad range of solutions including our in house designed Magnetar® Professional Workstations, bespoke large storage solutions and commodity brand servers with on-site installation and on-going network support. All are delivered with outstanding customer support
Our OEM projects team in the UK and Taiwan can design, build, integrate, globally certify and provide logistics support for a wide variety of bespoke customer branded appliances, from rugged IOT to high-end enterprise servers. In 2020 we became an official CCC certified manufacturer.

Recent Industry Awards

  • Digital Arts best buy
  • 3DArtist
  • 3D world
  • Digital Arts Editors Choice
  • PC Pro


The Armari Production Process

One of our key objectives as a high end focused system builder is to get new technology into customers hands as soon as possible in a reliable workstation, allowing them to take full advantage of the increased performance.
With chassis and electronics design and manufacturing partnerships across Asia, we can offer rapid development of bespoke appliances from IOT to high end enterprise servers.
Working with our partners, our combined experience allows us to rapidly bring bespoke appliance designs to market. We work closely with all the certification bodies to get your product certified, ready for a global market.
Appliances are produced using a QMS to ensure consistent quality in every product made. As a CCC certified manufacturer, we’re inspected yearly to verify we can produce products to one of the toughest global standards.

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