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Magnetar Range

We take the best available components and vertically integrate them into a custom engineered chassis designed for those components, as this leads to a great customer experience and highest levels of performance.
Magnetar Range
Magnetar C Series
Magnetar C Series
Excellent value workstations based on commodity hardware.
Magnetar M Series
Magnetar M Series
Our workstation range that offers the widest choice of options for customer workloads, these are some of our finest models.
Magnetar R Series
Magnetar R Series
Both our 4U R80 and higher density 2U R40 deliver the flexibility to host full specification workstations on premises or in the datacentre.
Magnetar V Series
Magnetar V Series
Our unique Ultra Compact V-Series Workstation gives high end performance from a top end desktop processor and GPU support.
Magnetar X Series
Magnetar X Series
Our flagship pedestal workstation range, designed for highest end configurations with maximum cooling and internal storage.
SuperMicro Workstation Range

Supermicro Workstation Series

As well as our in-house bespoke Magnetar® workstations we can provide the latest Supermicro workstation platforms configured to your exact specification.

More information on PC Workstations

It is a potent computing device for running resource-intensive programs and carrying out difficult tasks. With a powerful core inside like the intel core or AMD Ryzen threadripper, lots of memory, and a dedicated graphics card, it can easily handle heavy workloads and work with any operating system.

This makes it an essential tool for professionals in fields like design, engineering, and scientific research.

Whether you need to run simulations, render graphics, or crunch numbers, a workstation is up to the challenge, delivering fast, reliable capacity that helps you get your work done efficiently and effectively.

There are many different kinds, from small, portable ones to big ones that look like towers. The Armari Magnetar series is a well-known example.

These devices are equipped with high-end core processors such as Intel Core i9, Intel Xeon, or AMD Ryzen, and enough memory and storage to handle resource-intensive applications. 

They may also have dedicated graphics cards (GCs) from companies like Intel Corporation, NVIDIA, or AMD, which can help speed up graphically intensive works 2like video editing, gaming, or 3D modeling.

Another great thing about the best workstation desktops out there is also their advanced networking features, the ability to support more than one display, and options for expansion so that users can pay to change their systems to meet their needs.

These powerful desktop workstations are used in several industries and applications, ranging from design and engineering to finance, gaming, and media. Here are just a few core reasons why you might need  a workstation desktop: 

  1. You perform resource-intensive tasks

    A desktop workstation is likely to be better than a standard desktop computer if you work in a field that requires you to run simulations, render graphics, or perform other resource-intensive jobs.

    Workstations are designed to handle heavy workloads, thanks to their high-end CPUs, abundant memory, and dedicated GCs.

  2. You need more power than a laptop can offer

    While laptops are portable and convenient, they are generally less powerful than desktop workstations. A desktop workstation is likely to be a better choice if you need a device that can handle complex tasks and demanding workloads.

  3. You need stable desktop workstations for your work

    Workstations are known for their stability and dependableness, making them a good choice for professionals who need a dependable platform for their work.

  4. You want to upgrade your Technology

    This piece of machine might be a good upgrade if you're using an older desktop computer that's starting to feel slow and sluggish. Workstations are built with the latest SSD, core CPU, and technologies, making them more likely to provide a significant performance boost.

  5. You want to customize your workstation computer

    Workstations are often more expandable than standard desktop computers, allowing you to add more memory, storage, or other units to meet your specific needs.

While in the market for a workstation that can easily handle even the most demanding workloads, few can compete with the Armari Magnetar brand.

These top-of-the-line workstations are packed with more cores than you can imagine and offer outstanding performance, making them a top choice for businesses and individuals alike. 

Here are some reasons our Workstations are ahead:

  1. Power and Performance

    Armari's Magnetar workstations are designed to have great capacity. They have powerful core processors and high-end graphics cards that can easily handle even the most resource-intensive workloads. Whether you're working with computer-aided designs, video editing, or scientific simulations, the Magnetar workstations have the power and speed you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Some of the best processors from Intel and AMD, like the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen series, can be found in Magnetar workstations. With the fast speeds and multiple cores of the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen, you can run multiple programs at once without slowing down. Magnetar workstations also come with top-of-the-line graphics cards from Intel that are optimized for demanding workloads. This gives you the power and performance you need to handle any task.

  2. Customization Options

    The flexibility offered by Armari's Magnetar workstations is one of their many attractive features. You have a wide variety of options for the inner workings of your workstation, including the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen CPUs, different flavors of RAM, and numerous storage mediums. This allows you to play around, test, and create one that is tailored to your specific needs and resources. The Magnetar workstations can handle many demanding workflows, you throw at them such as computer-aided design (CAD), finance, media, and more. And with our custom PC configurator, you can easily select the build you need to create the perfect workstation.

  3. Reliability

    Armari's Magnetar workstations are built to be reliable, with features like error-correcting code (ECC) memory and high-quality power supply units that help to prevent data corruption and downtime. ECC memory is an important feature for workstations, as it helps to ensure the accuracy and veracity of the data being used in demanding applications. The high-quality power supply units in the Magnetar workstations are designed to deliver consistent power to all accessories, helping prevent unexpected shutdowns or other issues. These features, along with the high-quality accessories used in the Magnetar workstations, make them a reliable choice for businesses and individuals who need a reliable computer.

  4. Expandability

    One of the great advantages of Armari's Magnetar desktop workstations is that they are designed to be expandable. This means that you can add more part, and upgrade your computer as your needs evolve. Whether you need to add more memory, new core, a faster processor, or a new graphics card, the Magnetar workstations have you covered. This expandability is an important consideration for businesses and individuals who may need to upgrade their workstations in the future, as it allows them to easily add new parts and keep their workstation current.

  5. Compatibility

    Armari's Magnetar workstations are compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, making them an appealing option for businesses and individuals. They also have USB ports and HDMI outputs for easy peripheral and monitor connection. Plus, with their powerful GCs and their support for gaming servers, the Magnetar workstations are even suitable for gaming. Overall, the Magnetar workstations offer a great combination of power, efficiency, and versatility, making them a top choice for businesses and individuals who need a high-performance workstation.

  6. Different builds for everyone

    One of the great things about the Armari Magnetar series is that they offer a range of builds to suit different budgets and needs.

    Whether you're a small business looking for an affordable workstation pc or a high-end user needing top-of-the-line performance, the Magnetar series has custom PCs that are right for you.

    For those on resources, the Magnetar series offers a range of cost-effective builds that still pack a punch. These workstations have high-quality components like Intel Core processors, Intel Xeon, AMD Ryzen threadripper, and AMD graphics cards. 

    The Magnetar series also provides several high-end models that feature cutting-edge components, including Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen CPUs, huge RAM, and state-of-the-art graphics cards, as well as midrange and budget-friendly options.

High-performance workstation pcs like those in Armari's Magnetar series are ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike who require a powerful and dependable computer for technical or gaming purposes.

When it comes to building the perfect custom pcs, choosing the right components is crucial. That's where the custom workstation PC configurator comes in. With this option, you can engineer a workstation around a CPU like the Intel Core i9 that meets your specific requirements while staying within your pay quota.

When picking the right components for your Magnetar desktop workstation, you should look at the whole picture to ensure you have the power, technology, and solidity you need for your workflow.


Imagine yourself sitting at a desk, surrounded by various workstation components. There are Intel Core and AMD processors like the intel core i9, and Intel Xeon, and each one performs at a different level.


There are also various types of memory, including DDR4 and ECC, which offer different speeds and features. You'll need to choose the right amount of memory for your workstation, taking into account the type of applications you'll be running and the amount of data you'll be working with.

Storage options: SSD or HDD

Next, you'll need to consider storage options. Desktop workstations typically use either hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD), both of which offer different benefits. HDDs are cheaper and have more storage space, but they are slower and more likely to break than SSDs.

SSDs, on the other hand, are faster and more reliable, but they are more expensive and offer less capacity. You'll need to weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that will best deliver your needs.

Graphics Card

As you keep thinking about the parts for your workstation,6you should also consider the graphics card. It is in charge of rendering images and video, and it is a key part of how well programs that need high-quality graphics, like CAD and video editing, run.

Your workstation pc should have high-end ones like the NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro series, that are made to work well with demanding workloads.

Power Supply and Motherboard

Others to consider include the power supply, which powers all the other accessories in your workstation, and the motherboard, which connects all of the components together.


It's also important to set up a workstation that works with your favorite operating system (like Microsoft windows).

Your computer should have the connections you need to hook up monitors and other devices.

Bottom Line

As you carefully consider each component for your workstation, you'll begin to see a clear picture of the machine you want to build.

With the right build, you'll have an incredibly powerful, workstation with a good product design that can support your workflow, no matter how demanding it may be. So take your time, research, and choose the right components for you - your Magnetar desktop workstation will thank you.

Shop with us today to get a robust device armed with all the necessary technology and software.

If you're ready to supercharge your productivity and take your work to the next level, it's time to advance to an Armari Magnetar workstation!

With several builds with intel core i9 and many more to suit your needs and how you plan to pay, there's a Magnetar workstation that is perfect for you. So don't let another day go by without experiencing the power and support of an Armari Magnetar brand. Step up your Technology game today and start achieving your goals like never before!

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