Armari 2UR96T7P-AWLC 2U workstation records the fastest VRAY6 CPU benchmark score at 230,466 vsamples

Powered by a 96 core AMD 7995WX Threadripper Pro and the ASUS Pro WS WRX90E-SAGE SE motherboard, our standard production 2U workstation managed to boost all 96 cores to 4.6GHz during the test, which is fastest VRAY6 benchmark result so far. While this level of performance is fully achiveable on any of these systems, we only suggest customers who enable PBO boost at Level 1 setting do so for record breaking. PBO boost level 2 can be used for everyday use and still enables performance that scores over 200,000 vsamples in the Windows VRAY6 benchmark and almost 210,000 vsamples in the Linux benchmark, plus it saves 300Watts of power!

disclaimer: Enabling PBO boost on any AMD Threadripper 7000 series processor sets a flag inside the processor that informs AMD the processor has been run outside of factory stock settings. Should the processor fail during the warranty period, AMD could reject the warranty claim. As such customers who enable PBO mode, do so at their own risk. We design our workstations to fully support PBO within safe limits, but its up to customers if they choose to enable this AMD processor feature or not. We unfortunately have to ship all systems with PBO disabled by default, due to this AMD policy.