Magnetar® M96T7P (AW1650G4)

Designed for AMD Threadripper 7000WX, Enterprise liquid cooled.

    • Armari M60-Series G4 workstation chassis
    • AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7000WX processor
    • PBO Boost mode supported
    • This config is optimised to support up to 3 dual-slot Graphics cards
    • or can support up to 2x RTX 4000 series Gaming GPUs
    • Up to 2TB of 8-channel DDR5-RDIMM Memory
    • Dual 10Gb LAN (Intel X710)
    • On-board IPMI 2.0 with dedicated LAN and VGA out
    • 7x Gen 5.0 PCIe expansion slots (x16,x16,x16,x16,x16,x16,x8)
    • 2x USB 4.0 40Gbps ports
    • 4x M.2 Gen5 Slots
    • 2x Easy-swap drive bays support SATA
    • 2x Easy-Swap drive bays support PCIe4x4 U.2/U.3 or SATA Drives
    • 1650W PSU for Multi-GPU
Magnetar X Front panel


Magnetar M96T7P AMD Threadripper Pro 7000WX Workstation (updated Q2/2024)

Powered by the Ultimate single socket workstation processor with up to 96-cores.
8-channel DDR5-5200 RDIMM memory, delivers from 270GB (DDR5-5200) up to 320GB/sec (DDR5-6400) memory bandwidth
– Up to 2TB of DDR5 ECC registered memory
– U.2/U.3 2.5inch NVMe SSD drive support is now included as standard on 1 drive bay, with options to upgrade all bays
– Unlike M.2 SSDs, U.2 SSDs provide consistant write performance beyond the limited pseudo SLC Cache barrier making them more suitable for workstation workloads
– Our Gen4 (G4) chassis features our new big GPU support system that securely braces up to two of the biggest gaming GPUs from all 4-sides, keeping these 2Kg beasts safely secured in their slots during transit.

Like all Magnetar branded workstations, the M96T7P comes with the special Magnetar warranty promise, that for the 3 year warranty period you won’t be without the use of a system. So your projects can be delivered on time, every time. Should your system ever need to come back to base for warranty repair or intermittent fault isolation and diagnostic testing, you can request a loan system of equivalent performance and as close as possible specification to the original system. We can provide either a dedicated remote or physical on-site loan workstation for the duration your system is unavailable, which ever best meets your requirement.


Technology Partners

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  • Nvidia RTX
Base System
Armari Magnetar M96T7P (AW1650G4) Workstation Base
Core Components
All core components are configurable, if you wish to adapt this system to your own specification click here

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7965WX 4.2-5.3GHz 24c
Extra Peripherals
All core components are configurable, if you wish to adapt this system to your own specification click here

Magnetar® M96T7P (AW1650G4)

£5,965.00 excl vat


Base System
Core Components
System Top Panel I/O
System Network ports (rear)
System Audio ports (rear)
Chassis options
Essential Peripherals
extra cooling kit required for dual RTX4080/4090

Primary Graphics card (GPU)

Second Graphics card (GPU)

Third Graphics card (GPU)

First PCI Express 5.0 m.2 drive on Motherboard

Second PCI Express 5.0 m.2 drive on Motherboard

Third PCI Express 5.0 m.2 drive on Motherboard

Forth PCI Express 5.0 m.2 drive on Motherboard

1st Easy-Swap U.2/SATA Drive bay

2nd Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

3rd Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

4th Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

Trimode and SATA/SAS RAID Controllers

Operating Systems

Warranty (for on-site options please call)

Extra Peripherals
Keyboard and Mouse Combos



Display (Primary)

Display Monitors (2nd)

Display Monitors (3nd)

Extra Network adapters

Black Magic AV

PCIe USB adapters

Web cameras


Additional Notes
Do you have specific requirements as to how you would like your system(s) configured, such as installing adapters cards in specific slots, or how you would your storage drives configured?
Your Configuration:


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Your Configuration:


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