Magnetar® M64TP-RW
PC-PRO Labs Winner 2022

The outright winner of the PC-PRO Workstation Labs Group test 2022 (Published on 14th August 2022)
PC-PRO said “So this system has amazing everyday workload and 3D rendering abilities. it’s also masterful with 3D modelling”
“Overall, this is a workstation without any weaknesses. Whichever creative task you throw at it, it will deliver faster results than any other system on test this month, making it a worthy Labs Winner.”
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Note: We have updated the base specification of this workstation due to updated and improved components from the August 2022 specification. The new base workstation now includes our current Gen4 workstation chassis and a 1640W AUX 3.0 specification power supply with dual native NVIDIA 12VHPWR power connectors

  • Armari M64TP-RW base workstation PSU (July 2023 spec revision)
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 32-core 5975WX processor
  • 128GB DDR4-3600 unbuffered 8-channel low latency memory as standard
  • Memory upgrades Up to 2TB of 8-channel Server RDIMM Memory or
  • Up to 256GB of 8-channel unbuffered enthusiast memory
  • PNY NVIDIA A5000 24GB GPU as standard
  • Quad-GPU ready chassis
  • Power enough to support next gen RTX 4090 ADA series
  • 4TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 storage at >14GB/sec read, >9GB/write
  • Dual 10Gb LAN, WiFi 6E
  • Dual USB 4 / Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • 7x Gen 4.0 PCIe expansion slots
  • 6x M.2 Slots, 2x On-board, 4 via Quad M.2 adapter
  • 4x Easy-swap drive bays
Magnetar X Front panel


Magnetar M64TP-RW Threadripper Pro 5000 Workstation with attitude
With up to 15% faster all-core performance than Threadripper Pro 5000 workstations from Lenovo and Dell

Powered by the latest AMD Zen3 Ultimate workstation processor with up to 64-cores.
8-channel memory for maximum memory bandwidth
Supports optional PBO boost mode.
– Up to 2TB of DDR4 server grade ECC memory, or
– Up to 256GB of faster DDR4 low latency memory

Like all Magnetar branded workstations, the M64TP comes with the special Magnetar warranty promise, that for the 3 year warranty period you won’t be without the use of a system. So your projects can be delivered on time, every time. Should your system ever need to come back to base for warranty repair or intermittent fault isolation and diagnostic testing, you can request a loan system of equivalent performance and as close as possible specification to the original system. We can provide either a dedicated remote or physical on-site loan workstation for the duration your system is unavailable, which ever best meets your requirement.


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  • Nvidia RTX
Base System
Armari Magnetar M64TP-RW1650G4 Workstation Base
Core Components
All core components are configurable, if you wish to adapt this system to your own specification click here

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5955WX 16c Processor
2 x 64GB (4x16GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3600C18 Kit
Essential Peripherals
All core components are configurable, if you wish to adapt this system to your own specification click here
Extra Peripherals
All core components are configurable, if you wish to adapt this system to your own specification click here

Magnetar® M64TP-RW
PC-PRO Labs Winner 2022

£6,010.00 excl vat


Base System
Core Components
System Top Panel I/O
System Network ports (rear)
System Thunderbolt port (rear)
System Audio ports (rear)
Essential Peripherals
Primary Graphics card (GPU)

Second Graphics card (GPU)

Pro Graphics GPU Bridges

Pro Graphics Sync adapters

First PCI Express 4.0 m.2 drive on Motherboard

Second PCI Express 3.0 m.2 drive on Motherboard

Add Quad M.2 Adapter to support up to 4x M.2 drives

Slot 1 of Quad M.2 adapter

Slot 2 of Quad M.2 adapter

Slot 3 of Quad M.2 adapter

Slot 4 of Quad M.2 adapter

1st Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay (U.2 Drives require backplane upgrade)

2nd Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

3rd Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

4th Easy-Swap SATA/SAS Drive bay

Trimode and SATA/SAS RAID Controllers

Operating Systems

Warranty (for on-site options please call)

Extra Peripherals
Keyboard and mouse combo kits



Display Monitors (Primary)

Display Monitors (2nd)

Display Monitors (3nd)

Network adapters

Black Magic AV

PCIe USB cards

Web Cams


Additional Notes
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Your Configuration:


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