We have suspended sales of all Intel desktop systems with 14th and 13th Gen processors until late August

There is currently an issue affecting all Intel 14th and 13th Gen desktop processors that can cause the processors to degrade over a few months and become unstable.

Due to this issue, we are suspending sales of all systems with current Intel desktop processors until at least the 2nd half of August when Intel is due to issue a patch which may be able fix the issue.

Intel has issued the following statement


AMD Ryzen 9000 systems will now be shipping from 15th August

AMD has pushed the availability of next gen Zen5 desktop processors by 2 weeks to August 15th.

Armari 2UR96T7P-AWLC 2U workstation records the fastest VRAY6 CPU benchmark score at 230,466 vsamples

Powered by a 96 core AMD 7995WX Threadripper Pro and the ASUS Pro WS WRX90E-SAGE SE motherboard, our standard production 2U workstation managed to boost all 96 cores to 4.6GHz during the test, which is fastest VRAY6 benchmark result so far. While this level of performance is fully achiveable on any of these systems, we only suggest customers who enable PBO boost at Level 1 setting do so for record breaking. PBO boost level 2 can be used for everyday use and still enables performance that scores over 200,000 vsamples in the Windows VRAY6 benchmark and almost 210,000 vsamples in the Linux benchmark, plus it saves 300Watts of power!

disclaimer: Enabling PBO boost on any AMD Threadripper 7000 series processor sets a flag inside the processor that informs AMD the processor has been run outside of factory stock settings. Should the processor fail during the warranty period, AMD could reject the warranty claim. As such customers who enable PBO mode, do so at their own risk. We design our workstations to fully support PBO within safe limits, but its up to customers if they choose to enable this AMD processor feature or not. We unfortunately have to ship all systems with PBO disabled by default, due to this AMD policy. 




Armari Christmas & New Year opening hours

We would like to wish all our current and future customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Armari will be closed between 5pm on 22nd December under January 2nd 2024


AMD announces Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 7000 and 7000WX Pro series

AMD have officially lifted the veil off the new line-up of Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 7000 series Workstation processors.

AMD is making a comeback to High End Desktop (HEDT), with 3 new processors with 24, 32 and 64 cores (7960X, 7970X and 7980X) which is great news for creators as it lowers the price point for Threadripper workstations. These processors are supported on new TRX50 motherboards, featuring PCI express 5.0 slots, blazing fast Gen5 NVMe storage and quad-channel DDR5 RDIMM memory.

For the professional line-up, there are 4 new processors from 24 up to a massive 96 cores ! (7965WX, 7975WX, 7985WX, 7995WX).

These are supported on new WRX90 motherboards, again with PCI express 5 slots, Gen5 storage but with more PCIe5 lanes available and 8-channel DDR5 RDIMM memory.

Both processor series come with big frequency boosts up to 5.3GHz.

Armari has 8 new Threadripper systems from desktop to rackmount, that will be shipping from 21st November. Details will be coming very soon !

Look out for independent reviews of our systems on 20th November as well as our in depth performance reveal videos on YouTube and social media!

AMD adds 2 new members to its RNDA 3 Generation of Pro Workstation GPUs

It’s Siggraph 2023, which means launch time for new prtofessional GPUs.

AMD has added 2 new members to its already impressive RDNA3 based Professional GPUs by adding two junior models, the W700 and W7500 which both featuring 8GB of memory.

These are great options for CAD and lighter Content Creation workloads. They offer great performance, power efficently and good value for mid-range workstations.

These new GPUs are availble to order now in our full range of Magnetar workstations.

View our full range of Magnetar Workstations.

NVIDIA adds 3 new members to its RTX ADA Generation of Workstation professional GPUs

It’s Siggraph 2023, which usually means new GPUs.

NVIDIA didn’t dissapoint; as it has now fleshed out the RTX ADA range by adding 3 new members to the family.

The 3 new GPUs offer signifiant performance gains in Generative AI and LLM Development, Content Creation and Data Science.

These new GPUs are availble to order now in our full range of Magnetar workstations.

View our full range of Magnetar Workstations.

Armari wins PCPro Workstation labs 2023

It’s back-to-back Labs wins, this time our MC16R7-B650 Workstation wins the value workstation catagory (£4500inc) in the 2023 PC-PRO Creative workstation labs.

Last year our high-end M64TP Threadripper workstation took the top prize of overall labs winner.

PCPRO said “Overall, the Armari Magnetar MC16R7 provides the best possible performance for the money in most areas. If you need a powerful all-round workstation, this system should be top of your list.

This workstation is available now, with a free 5-day express build until the end of August.

If you’re looking for a high end Threadripper workstation then don’t forget to check out the 2022 Workstation labs winner the Magnetar M64TP now in its 4th generation design with some great new features

Discover more about the multi award winning Magnetar M64TP M64TP Threadripper workstation.

View our full range of Magnetar Workstations.

Enhancing Productivity with Workstations: A Deep Dive

Picture this: You’re a graphic designer working on a complex project with tight deadlines and an unreasonable client. The last thing you need is a slow, inefficient computer hindering your progress. Enter the high-performance workstation, with its top-of-the-line CPUs, memory, storage devices, graphics cards, and cooling systems that efficiently process large amounts of data and tackle intensive tasks without fail. Beyond graphic design, these workstations elevate productivity across sectors like engineering, science, finance, education, and entertainment.

This article will demonstrate how a high-performance workstation can supercharge your output.

How can Investing in a High-performance Workstation Increase Productivity in my Business?

Investment in a high-performance workstation can transform your business. Not only can it handle more demanding workloads than an ordinary PC, but its quality and accuracy could improve as a result of using one.

Autodesk conducted a study showing how investing in an upgraded workstation could dramatically increase employee loyalty by up to 85-75% and save significant hours each week per employee, potentially saving $15,000 overtime per employee.

Here are just some of the many impacts a high-performance workstation can have:


It can design and test products accurately and quickly using advanced software like CAD, CAM, or CAE. It also runs simulations and analyses precisely using powerful processors and graphics cards.


Having one will help you create and render stunning graphics, animations, or videos realistically and at record speeds with dedicated GPUs and large memory.


Even with large data sets, it calculates and generates financial reports faster and more reliably with complex software like Excel, Power BI, or Tableau.


As a researcher, you can gather massive amounts of data and run simulations more precisely.

What are the Things to Look for in a Workstation to Get The Most Productivity?

You can’t just settle for any workstation if you’re aiming for the most productivity. Here are the essential factors to watch out for:


Its CPU must boast adequate cores, a high clock speed, a generous cache size, and remarkable performance per watt for your workload. More cores and higher clock speeds are ideal for handling hefty data sets or executing multiple applications simultaneously. Choose CPUs with lower power consumption and better cooling if you want to save on energy and reduce heat.


Go for a GPU with sufficient memory, bandwidth, and performance capabilities to tackle graphics-intensive tasks such as rendering images, animations, or videos. Greater memory and enhanced bandwidth will help you achieve truly lifelike graphics and seamlessly edit 4K videos. 


Productivity demands enough RAM to store data temporarily while the CPU or GPU works on it. You’ll need extra if your job necessitates running a number of different programs at once. A faster RAM also reduces errors and speeds up your access to data.


SSDs are notorious for storing large files while running applications faster. With a fast PCIe SSD, you can reduce file loading times and get work done faster.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency for Computing-Intensive Tasks with High-Performance Workstations

Investing in a supercharged desktop workstation can dramatically enhance your workflow when handling computationally demanding tasks. This investment can drive greater efficiency, promote seamless collaboration with team members and clients, and yield superior outcomes. Below are some of the key ways in which a supercharged workstation can elevate your workflow:

Supporting multiple monitors and peripherals 

Computation-intensive work often necessitates the use of multiple screens. A great workstation can support this, along with other peripherals, elevating both your productivity and creativity. 

Running multiple software applications and cloud services

A supercharged workstation boasts the ability to effortlessly run multiple software applications and cloud services, effectively accelerating task completion. This is especially helpful when using multiple Adobe Creative Cloud applications to create and edit graphics and videos, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Enabling better video conferencing

Communication is one of the foundations of teamwork, and an efficient workstation will facilitate it better. Screen sharing, chat messaging and high-quality audio and video calling from Zoom or Skype will all benefit greatly from such support.

Faster Processing

Workstations that are stacked with the best CPUs and GPUs will execute complex calculations and graphics-intensive activities faster than regular computers. You will finish tasks faster and move on to the next job or assignment.

Improved dependability

 Bid farewell to the hassle of overheating and crashing during heavy workloads, and instead, revel in consistent, uninterrupted operation that minimises costly downtime.

Improved security

Heighten productivity and minimise concerns about data breaches or other security threats with a high-powered workstation that includes advanced security features. These features not only safeguard sensitive data but also serve to prevent cyberattacks, freeing you to focus on your work without worry.


High-performance workstations are the ultimate prize and investment that businesses can make.

Experience the best workstation performance from a company that has been in the game and winning awards for 30 years. Our broad range of value-based workstation solutions sets us apart from the mainstream, and our expert guidance can help you select and optimise your ideal workstation. 

Unleash your business’s creativity with Armari workstations.

Choosing the Right Workstation for Your Business: A Comprehensive Guide

As a business owner, investing in the right technology can make or break your company’s success. High-quality tools and machinery are critical to staying competitive. The workstation computer is one such technology that is vital for businesses with demanding workflows that require high performance.

With numerous options on the market, selecting the right workstation can be a daunting task. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the factors to consider when purchasing a workstation.

How to Determine if a Workstation is the Right Choice for Your Business

Not all computers are created equal. Depending on the type and complexity of your work, you may need a more powerful machine than a regular desktop PC or laptop. But how do you know if you need a workstation? Let’s consider it in light of these factors.

Types of workloads you run on your workstation

Your typical daily responsibilities should be your primary priority. Workstations shine when processing massive volumes of data, creating high-resolution images, doing complex calculations, or juggling many apps. Some examples of workloads that require a workstation are:

Video editing You’ll be able to create professional-looking videos with a workstation that efficiently processes multiple video streams, applies complex effects, adjusts color grading, and renders the final output without crashing.

3D rendering Render stunning 3D visuals that showcase your design skills and creativity since workstations can quickly process complex geometries, textures, lighting, shadows, and ray tracing.

CAD Process large and complex CAD files, and run simulations and analyses flawlessly and on time. 

Machine learning Boost your company’s bottom line by creating and launching machine-learning solutions to real-world challenges with a workstation that can handle processing enormous datasets, complicated algorithms, and parallelism.

Scientific analysis Approach your scientific analysis with certainty and precision and open up new avenues of growth for your company using workstations that can efficiently process massive datasets and run numerous programs in parallel without sacrificing speed or reliability.

Software applications that run better on desktop workstations

Workstations excel at running specialized software applications designed for professional or technical use with higher system requirements. These applications demand unique hardware components or certifications, which workstations can offer. Examples of software applications that thrive on workstations are: 

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro


Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, and Houdini


SolidWorks, Revit, and Inventor

Assessing your current and future workstation needs

When considering a workstation investment, evaluate both your present and future computing demands. Investing in workstations is a long-term commitment, so getting the most out of them is important. Assess factors like the frequency of computer use, file size, and the amount of processing and graphic power required. To determine if a workstation is suitable for you, ask yourself the right questions:

Do you need the highest level of data reliability and security? 
What quantity of storage and memory is necessary?
Answering these questions will enable you to determine whether a workstation is essential for your company, then evaluate all essential criteria when choosing one.

Key Components to Consider When Buying Your New Workstation

Now that you realize a business workstation can help maximize returns for your investments, it is imperative to carefully consider its core components and their effect on performance and functionality as well as other essential features of such devices.

Here are the primary considerations when purchasing a workstation:


This is the workhorse of your workstation, responsible for processing data and running applications. Workstation-class CPUs, like Intel Xeon and AMD Threadripper, offer more cores, higher clock speeds, and support features like ECC memory and virtualization. Select one based on workload and cost while verifying software compatibility.

Graphics Card

The GPU determines the performance of graphics-intensive tasks like 3D rendering and video editing. GPUs like Nvidia Quadro and AMD Radeon Pro offer more graphics memory, CUDA cores, and ray tracing capabilities that will come in handy for your business.


It determines how much information your workstation can store and access quickly. Opt for ECC RAM, like DDR4 ECC or DDR5 ECC, for reliability and stability. During your customization, let your workload and the number of intensive software applications you’ll run simultaneously guide your RAM choice.


The storage types that come with workstations like those Armari offers come with huge capacity, faster read and write speeds, enhanced security, and backup options. They have RAID, which helps improve data protection and performance. You should go for SSDs or choose an HDD-SSD hybrid storage system.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a new operating system

Besides the critical components of a workstation, here are other just features that are just as important:
Cooling: Keep your workstation performing at its best with reliable cooling systems that prevent overheating, noise, and vibrations. Choose liquid cooling or silent fans with our Armari Magnetar workstations for a quieter solution.

Warranty: Protect your investment with a comprehensive warranty that covers defects and damages. With Armari, for instance, you enjoy peace of mind with our three-year coverage and on-site or remote support, replacements, or upgrades.

Upgradeability: Future-proof your workstation with upgradeability options like Armari’s Magnetar series. With modular or toolless designs, accessing and replacing components is easy, and you can adapt to changing needs and extend your workstation’s lifespan.


Investing in a well-designed workstation performance optimized for your workload can dramatically boost business productivity and efficiency. Every component, from CPU to storage, plays a vital role. 

Now that you’re ready to make an informed decision, browse our Armari Magnetar workstations, designed to meet your needs and maximize your investment. 

Upgrade your workspace and see the difference firsthand.


Optimising Workstations for Creative Professionals: Tips and Tricks

As a creative professional, your workstation is your command centre. It’s where you express your ideas through writing, graphic design, 3d modeling, video editing, and much more. But is your workstation optimised for these creative tasks? Or are you looking to get a new workstation and wondering how to optimise it for your work? Here we dive straight in and offers practical advice for optimising your workstation computer to boost both productivity and creativity to new levels!

Software Optimisations

Getting your OS and Software configured is half the battle. Creative tasks tax your computer’s hardware, these software optimisation options will help:

Manage memory usage

Verify that your program is making good use of the available memory. In Adobe Photoshop, for example, you can adjust the amount of RAM allocated to the program in the Preferences menu. Configuring the memory correctly can massively boost performance.

Set up scratch disks

Scratch disks are temporary storage spaces used by software to perform tasks. Ensure your scratch disks are on fast drives with plenty of free space. Also, occasionally clear your scratch disks to free up storage space.

Configure colour profiles

As a creative, you already know the importance of colour accuracy when you’re working on creative tasks. Always check that your programmes are using the right colour profile for your screen. Experiment to see what levels work best for you.

Stay up to date

Just like an artist needs fresh paint, your workstation PC needs the latest software updates. Update both your OS and your software to the most recent versions. This can help fix any bugs or incompatibilities that are slowing you down and boost performance. Staying up to date will also patch security vulnerabilities keeping your system and work safe.

Declutter your digital workspace

A cluttered workspace can hinder creativity; the same goes for your workstation. Uninstall any software that you don’t use regularly. This will help you get a more streamlined and efficient digital setup by freeing up resources.

Start with a clean slate

Many programs can start automatically when you turn on your computer. This can slow down startup time and use up system resources. Disable any programs that you don’t need to start automatically, so you can start with a clean slate every time and jump straight to work.

Tune-up your machine

Your workstation is like a car; it needs frequent maintenance. You can always reach out to us here at Armari for maintenance of your workstation, you can also use third-party utilities to enhance your PC’s functionality further. These utilities can clean up junk files, fix registry errors, and optimise system settings, giving your computer a much-needed tune-up.

Use an antivirus software – Workstations are built to protect your work and data, but even they could use good antiviral applications to protect them from security threats. Regularly scanning for malware and viruses can help prevent system slowdowns and crashes caused by malicious software.

Hardware setup

Next, let’s talk about hardware. Having the right hardware can make a big difference in your creative workflow. Here are some advice on how to pick the right ones:

Choose the right monitor

Choosing the right monitor for creative professionals is an essential step in optimizing workstations. This is because it’s your window into the digital world, and thus, it directly influences the quality of your work. Here are some additional points to consider when selecting the perfect monitor:

Resolution: A high-resolution monitor ensures your images are sharp and detailed. Most creatives opt for 4K monitors for crisp visuals, but if your work involves intensive graphics, you might want to consider 5K resolution for even better clarity.

Colour Accuracy: For graphic designers, photographers, or video editors, accurate colour representation is vital. Thus, consider monitors that support wide colour gamut, such as Adobe RGB or DCI-P3. Monitors with a higher colour bit, like 10-bit, will be able to display more colours and smoother gradients.

Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio you choose should depend on your specific requirements. Traditional 16:9 aspect ratio monitors are suitable for most tasks. However, if you deal with wide layouts like website design or panoramic video editing, a widescreen or ultra-wide monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio can provide more workspace.

Panel Type: There are various types of panels used in monitors such as IPS, VA, and TN. For creative work, IPS panels are recommended as they provide the best overall colour accuracy and viewing angles.

Size: Monitor size depends on personal preference and desk space. Larger monitors provide more room to work, reducing the need to constantly zoom in and out. Anything from 27″ and above is generally recommended for creative work.

Ergonomics: Adjustable height, tilt, and swivel options can improve comfort during long work sessions. Some monitors even offer pivot adjustment, allowing you to switch between landscape and portrait orientations, which can be particularly useful for certain design and editing tasks.

Connectivity Options: Ensure the monitor has the correct ports for your PC or laptop. Common interfaces include HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C. The latter can be particularly handy if you want to display your screen and charge a laptop with a single cable.

Set up multiple displays

As a creative, there’s a huge chance that you work with multiple programs at once. Consider setting up multiple displays to compensate for that. This can help you keep your workspace organised and improve productivity.

Get a powerful graphics card

A powerful graphics card can speed up rendering and video playback tasks. Increasingly, renderers are GPU-accelerated for real-time ray tracing, so, you might have to optimise your workstation to have a high-end one. For example, Armari offers a Threadripper workstation with a Radeon Pro W6800 graphics card, which can easily support even the most powerful rendering work.

Invest in fast storage

Fast storage solutions like SSDs are known to speed up tasks, something creatives need in abundance. Extra space for expandable memory is also essential. So if you’re just gunning for a new workstation, you should target our workstations that provide this and more.

Choose a powerful processor

A powerful processor can speed up tasks such as rendering and simulation, which is why you need to optimise your workstation for demanding tasks with the right balance of core count and clock speed. At Armari, we offer workstations with top-of-the-line processors that are already optimised for this. 


Don’t overlook ergonomics! A comfortable workstation and work environment will allow you to work longer while remaining at peak productivity. Here are a few strategies for optimising ergonomics:

Choosing the right chair and setting up a good desk

Search for a chair with adjustable lumbar support and seating comfort features; then make sure your desk has enough room for keyboard, mouse and other essential equipment.

Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse

Creatives often spend long hours at their workstation. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse may help reduce some of the strain placed upon their hands and wrists from prolonged use, providing relief to creative professionals’ hands and wrists.


Your workstation PC needs to be in the right shape to increase your productivity and creativity as a creative professional. With proper optimisation and flexibility, you can have a workstation to help you chase your passions or collaborate with fellow visionaries. 

If you’re looking to get one, Armari Magnetar workstations come with all that you’ll need as a creative professional to bring your ideas to life. 

Customise the perfect workstation for your work today.

The Future of Workstations: New Emerging Technologies and Trends

Workstations have truly revolutionized the workplace, helping employees, creatives and enthusiasts work more at levels of productivity unimaginable to their predecessors. Powerful computing capacities make workstations the most crucial tool for the modern workplace, especially in industries that require greater and greater levels of processing power to remain at the forefront of technological advancement.

Future technologies promise even greater disruption across all industries, the advent of AI and the increasing complexity of applications are ramping up the need for more powerful workstations -this pressure is driving the advancement of workstations to new levels. 

Below is a fascinating graph showing Moore’s law at work: the doubling of the number of transistors on integrated circuits every two years over the past 50 years:

Workstation advancement into the future…

Workstations offer exciting promise as technology advances at pace. There are a number of key technologies that are poised to redefine the current landscape of computing and the way inwhich we interact with computers via applications: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR). These groundbreaking technologies are set to transform the way traditional technologies and applications are utilized, and will require entirely new generations of technology to support and facilitate their utilization.

Artificial intelligence

Imagine a future where AI will make your workstation computer not simply an asset, but an essential partner to help achieve success in your tasks and field. That future may be closer than you anticipate.

Artificial Intelligence is poised to dramatically transform workstation computers for businesses in several critical ways. From intelligent analysis and task automation to predictive analytics, AI facilitates an enhanced understanding of business processes and outcomes. Its capabilities extend to the creation of intricate data models, generation of high-quality images and videos, and even real-time decision making based on machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, AI brings a new level of efficiency by enabling the automation of routine tasks, thereby minimizing human error and saving valuable time. AI provides the potential to take workstation capabilities to the next level.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR)-enabled workstations open a world of endless opportunities. Immerse yourself in realistic yet interactive environments ideal for training, simulation and visualization purposes.

Collaborate with colleagues virtually, hold meetings or product demos, or explore innovative new approaches in your industry with Virtual Reality (VR). VR revolutionizes product creation, design and visualization processes providing unparalleled interaction and feedback – workstations are ready and waiting. VR changes what is possible.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Imagine being able to enhance the capabilities of your workstation computer by layering digital information over real life environments? That is exactly what augmented reality provides: real-time guidance and instructions to employees while improving performance while decreasing errors.

AR technology can also enhance physical workspaces by providing employees with additional information and context, helping businesses work smarter rather than harder.


Blockchain’s secure and transparent data sharing promises to transform how companies conduct transactions, share files and verify identities. Workstation computer operating systems integrated with this ground-breaking tech will revolutionize how transactions take place as well as sharing of resources between employees.

Blockchain technology will enhance business efficiency and reliability through its untamperable records, multiparty transactions, and automated trust.

Blockchain will also rely on high-performance workstations and operating systems that will supply cryptocurrency mining as well as provide processing power needed for other exciting developments.

Cloud Computing

Employ cloud computing in your business and discover its scalability, flexibility and power. By tapping cloud resources you’ll unlock advanced analytics, machine learning and collaboration tools which were once unavailable on workstation. Cloud computing’s elastic and scalable nature enables businesses to easily adapt to changing market conditions and stay ahead of competitors. In fact, it is already possible to rent a workstation to use remotely, which has proven to be a fantastic option for many users. At Armari we now offer this service, via Ripper Rentals, where you can configure and deploy a remote workstation which can be up and running in no time. Find out more about renting a remote workstation here.


The future of workstations is boundless and exciting, with cutting-edge technologies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to new levels. VR workstations that immerse you in collaborative environments and AI-powered workstations that automatically process vast data sets are just the beginning. 

Armari is leading the way in creating workstations that unlock these capabilities and help you work faster, smarter, and more productively than ever before. It’s time to join the revolution and future-proof your business with our high-end Magnetar workstations. 

Don’t be left behind; supercharge your work and transition to the future with an Armari custom workstation!